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May 21-24, Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL, Booth #548

Join us in Orlando, FL at ICMI Contact Center Expo, the contact center industry's most essential educational and networking experience. Over 100 solution providers will be there to exhibit the latest technologies and systems the industry has to offer. As customer expectations rise, we must rise with them.

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Past Webinar Events

Webinar: Call centers looking to get the most out of their Toll-Free Voice Services!

Call centers, learn how to add texting and get the most out of your toll-free voice services. With the help of CSF’s SaaS, 8MS Cloud, your agents and call center can effectively manage, port, and route toll-free numbers, adding disaster recovery and texting. This webinar will also cover easy and cost effective toll-free provisioning automation and intelligence, as well as a quick walk-through demo.

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Webinar: How to Become a Toll-Free RespOrg

In this webinar, we discuss the advantages of becoming a toll-free Responsible Organization (RespOrg), walk you through the process of becoming a RespOrg, and how CSF can provide 3rd-party RespOrg services for you.

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Webinar: Toll-Free Least Cost Routing (LCR) - Advantages & Evolution

Learn more about the evolving toll-free ecosystem including advantages of being a RespOrg, managing your toll-free numbers and carriers, and what’s needed to create toll-free Least Cost Routing (LCR) and Disaster Recovery routing. The webinar also includes a quick demo of CSF’s 8MS Cloud platform, including our LCR software and direct carrier activation capabilities that make successfully implementing toll-free LCR a snap!

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Webinar: Text-Enabling Your Business Numbers

Find out how to market texting services to your customers, and how to quickly and profitably deploy your new texting offering. Our webinar also covers marketing strategies; reasons to text-enable your numbers; how text-enabling works; sample texting use cases; and of course, a quick demo of our 8MS Cloud messaging hub and Conversations platform.

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Webinar: Enabling the ROC on 8MS Cloud

In this webinar, we discuss how to set up the mandated ROC functionality in 8MS Cloud.  The 8MS ROC is integrated into your existing 8MS Cloud GUI and provides a simplified, faster, and more robust user interface to meet the June 2017 mandated ROC requirements.

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