8MS Billing Analysis

CSF’s 8MS® Billing Analysis program identifies billing discrepancies by running an in-depth
analysis on your Carrier invoices. The program interrogates each CDR (Call Detail Record)
and uses LNP (Local Number Portability) data and your Carrier Rate Decks to help evaluate the accuracy of your toll-free traffic monthly invoices. Read the full brochure here.

Aerialink White Paper

Still Crazy After All These Years... About Texting

Texting remains a preferred channel over other direct messaging options. A look into why. Read the full white paper here!

8MS Cloud Overview

Our value-added SaaS platform integrates with the national toll-free number registry, Somos SMS/800, to enable toll-free number reservations and updates in bulk, and helps our customers perform other administrative tasks necessary for managing their toll-free numbers. Read the full data sheet

8MS Cloud Core

Modern Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs) access Somos SMS/800, the North American toll-free number database, to reserve toll-free numbers for their customers and set up routing information. As a RespOrg, your employee/toll-free provisioning users are busy handling customer records, performing number administration and service provisioning, and face increasing workloads and demanding performance metrics. Read the full data sheet

8MS Cloud TeXT

8MS Cloud TeXT allows carriers and RespOrgs to quickly and profitably text-enable toll-free numbers. Owners of toll-free numbers, such as call centers, can receive and send text messages to their clients’ mobile phones from their own 8MS TeXT desktop clients and mobile phones.  Read the full data sheet

8MS Cloud Carrier Express

Carrier Express® can be used as a standalone application for automatically provisioning tollfree multi-carrier end routing, or as part of 8MS Cloud, to provide simultaneous one-step provisioning through Somos SMS/800. Either way, Carrier Express saves you money by increasing automation and making toll-free provisioning easy. Read the full data sheet

8MS Cloud API

8MS Cloud API is an add-on service to the 8MS Cloud platform. It allows your company to streamline its toll-free number provisioning flow and integrate the power of 8MS into its in-house IT infrastructure.

A vanity toll-free number provider, for example, can use the 8MS Cloud API to integrate their e-commerce website with the 8MS Cloud platform to automate the number reservation process in the Somos SMS/800 database. Read the full data sheet

8MS Cloud CPRGen

Managing complex geographic toll-free routing using the Somos SMS/800 interface is difficult and time-consuming. When complex geographic routing is needed—for example, to generate least-cost routing CPRs (CallProcessing Records)—it becomes impractical and often impossible to manually create routing updates. Read the full data sheet

8MS Cloud LCRGen

With constant and growing cost pressures on their business, toll-free providers can no longer rely on slow, manual, ad hoc techniques to analyze and deploy least-cost call routing (LCR).

Many toll-free service providers sign agreements with multiple carriers to carry toll-free call traffic on each carrier’s network. They do this for a variety of reasonsn because a carrier may not provide network service in a certain area or they can find a better rate on another carrier’s network. Read the full data sheet

8MS Cloud 800ForAll

800ForAll.com from CSF Corporation is an e-commerce website dedicated to helping individuals search for and get toll-free numbers, including specific vanity numbers, for their personal or business use. Find your favorite toll-free number at 800ForAll.com faster than anywhere else, and all searches are free. Read the full data sheet