Personalized Customer Interactions through Conversational Texting

Aerialink Conversations

Aerialink Conversations is an award-winning SaaS application that allows your business to text-enable existing landline phone numbers for conversational texting with your customers. Conversations supports SMS and MMS messaging from any browser-based device and enables your staff to centrally manage all of their text communications.

A Service Provider edition of Conversations, Conversations SP, allows businesses to manage multiple Conversations accounts from a single master account efficiently. Administrators can use Conversations SP to group accounts into organizational units and manage their accounts by function, location, team, or any other grouping that makes the most sense for a business. Conversations SP also offers the opportunity for resellers and service providers to custom-brand the application for improved brand recognition.

Aerialink Email-to-SMS

The Aerialink® Email-to-SMS application makes it easy to send and receive SMS messages via your favorite email application from your desktop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition to conversational texting, Email-to-SMS can be used when you have system-generated email notifications and alerts that you want to send as SMS.

Aerialink Landline-to-Mobile

With Aerialink® Landline-to-Mobile, text messages sent to your business number are automatically forwarded by Aerialink to your mobile number, from which you can reply.

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“By text-enabling our business telephone numbers with Aerialink, our customers now have the option to call or text us at any of our branch offices. We internally use Aerialink's browser-based Conversations application to receive and respond to customer text messages as well as inquiries from our field technicians. We found Aerialink's communications service to be robust, easy to use, and even easier to deploy and administer.”

Matt Beckwith
Clark Pest Control