8MS Cloud TeXT

8MS Cloud TeXT allows you to offer your toll-free number customers the ability to receive and send text messages to and from mobile phones. It extends and leverages a company’s existing toll-free services to increase profitable revenue and deliver greater value to end customers.

TeXT is a turnkey solution for adding text messaging to toll-free numbers, including these three key elements needed for deployment:

  • Text provisioning and service management: 8MS Cloud TeXT includes an easy-to-use text provisioning and service management graphical user interface (GUI) for the business’s internal team with bulk number and text enablement, customer account activation, and Somos Texting and Smart Services (TSS) Registry RespOrg process integration to ensure safe and compliant service provisioning and management. Fully integrated with the 8MS Cloud platform, voice and text activation is easier and faster with our end-to-end texting capabilities.
  • Text transport, fulfillment, and mediation: 8MS Cloud TeXT supports text transport, mobile carrier registration, text gateway hosting and management, and billing reconciliation with CDR/TDR parsing and accounting. It seamlessly integrates with the Somos SMS/800 and TSS (Texting and Smart Services) registries, text aggregator systems, and mobile carriers to ensure safe, reliable, and ubiquitous service.
  • Text management: 8MS Cloud TeXT offers important management options, including a carrier & RespOrg-branded portal for the business’s end customers; a text autoresponder, email access, XML and Rest-based APIs, and mobile-to-mobile access. These options may be offered by the RespOrg in any combination to customize your toll-free texting offering.

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