Text-enable your toll-free & business landline numbers with ease

Business Texting

In line with the growing popularity of mobile phone communication by text message, CSF and Aerialink offers a turnkey solution with both 8MS Cloud TeXT and Conversations, to text-enable and deliver SMS & MMS text messaging on both your toll-free and standard landline numbers for your customers.

Why text-enable your business number?

There are many strong reasons why businesses should enable their landline and toll-free business numbers for text messaging. Among them are:

■ Never miss an opportunity to communicate with your customers again!

■ Most 10-digit landline and toll-free business numbers in the U.S. and Canada can be text-enabled.

■ You do not have to change your business number to offer texting services.

■ Texting is very affordable and easy to implement.

■ You can reach your customers globally with SMS messaging.

■ For non-toll-free texting in the U.S. and Canada, you can augment your text messages with images, audio, and video through MMS messaging.

■ And more!

Looking for the best way to tell your customers about all the benefits texting has to offer? Download our completely customizable brochure (meaning - you can add your logo to it!).

Cloud texting diagram


"Text enabling our existing toll-free numbers using 8MS Cloud TeXT is easy, and has allowed us to add this new capability to our portfolio in record time!”

Bob Blumberg
UniTel Voice