8MS Cloud Core

8MS Cloud Core is the main application service of the platform.  It seamlessly integrates with the Somos SMS/800 registry through the Somos Mechanized Generic Interface (MGI) and enables carriers and RespOrgs to simplify and automate the provisioning of toll-free numbers. ­

8MS Cloud services are hosted on shared or dedicated servers using a fault-tolerant server and database components in redundant CSF data centers.  Users can access the platform via a web GUI, which is available as part of Core, or an add-on cloud service, 8MS Cloud API.

Want to learn more? Read more about 8MS Cloud Core here.

Key Features

  • Search
    • Users can search the Somos SMS/800 registry for available toll-free numbers based on variety of criteria (e.g., show me all 844 numbers starting with the number one, as in 844-1xx-xxxx)
  • Reserve
    • Users can reserve thousands of toll-free numbers (TFNs), contiguous or not, at one time
  • Change
    • Users can complete mass TFN changes, re-routes, and updates in a single action.
    • The platform offers GUI support to make network routing changes easier to understand.
    • The platform provides emergency re-routing help for TFNs in case of an outage
  • Activate
    • Users can activate TFNs in the SMS/800 database in a single step
  • Analyze
    • Users can mine the SMS/800 and 8MS Cloud historical archives for better business intelligence
  • Administer
    • Administrators can customize screens and access permissions for different workgroup users.
    • The system tracks and logs all user activities