8MS Cloud: The premier toll-free provisioning solution

Toll-free provisioning

Our comprehensive core platform and add-on cloud services satisfy your company’s provisioning needs:

  • 8MS Cloud Core is the main application service of the platform.  It simplifies and automates the provisioning of toll-free numbers
  • 8MS Cloud API is an add-on service that allows your company to streamline its toll-free number provisioning flow and integrate the power of 8MS into its in-house IT infrastructure

Toll-free provisioning diagram

8MS Cloud Core

8MS Cloud Core is the main application service of the platform.  It seamlessly integrates with the Somos SMS/800 registry through the Somos Mechanized Generic Interface (MGI) and enables carriers and RespOrgs to simplify and automate the provisioning of toll-free numbers. ­

8MS Cloud services are hosted on shared or dedicated servers using a fault-tolerant server and database components in redundant CSF data centers.  Users can access the platform via a web GUI, which is available as part of Core, or an add-on cloud service, 8MS Cloud API.

Want to learn more? Read more about 8MS Cloud Core here.

"8MS Cloud Core allows us to provision faster and with confidence. Before using it, we had to dedicate additional team members to toll-free provisioning.”

Mandy Cerise-Richards
Manager – Toll Free Provisioning, Onvoy