8MS Cloud LCRGen

With constant and growing cost pressures on their business, toll-free number providers can no longer rely on slow, manual, ad hoc techniques to analyze and deploy least-cost call routing.

8MS Cloud offers a powerful least-cost routing call processing record (CPR) generation engine that uses your providers’ rate agreements and traffic data to produce a CPR that minimizes your toll-free calling costs.

Want to learn more? Read more about LCRGen here.

Key features

  • LPRGen produces CPRs with a number of paths and a size that will be accepted by Somos SMS/800 and can be loaded successfully in their service control points (SCPs)
  • Chooses between multiple carriers for any NPA-NXX
  • Allows you to merge traffic data across multiple TFNs to generate a single least-cost routing (LCR) plan for that set of numbers
  • Employs our LCR engine’s most sophisticated optimization methods. Traffic analysis is done using linear programming with a variety of pruning techniques as to retain most favorable routing
  • Allows you to select default parameters for specific geographic regions or locations, and optimize based on cost for the overall routing plan; or sub-optimize based on specific maximum carrier capacities, or to meet minimum carrier contract thresholds