8MS Cloud CPRGen

Managing complex geographic toll-free routing using Somos SMS/800 is difficult and time-consuming. When complex geographic routing is needed - for example, to generate least-cost routing Call Processing Records (CPRs) - it becomes impractical and often impossible to create routing updates manually.

CPRGen is a powerful add-on service of the 8MS Cloud platform that automatically generates and optimizes complex geographic toll-free routing from simple user-supplied input.

Want to learn more? Read more about CPRGen here.

Key features

Specify how you want your calls routed and 8MS Cloud CPRGen automatically generates complex records that:

  • select a carrier based on one or more of the following: originating 6-digits (NPA/NXX), NPA, LATA, state, or 10-digit number
  • direct traffic to POTS numbers based on any of the above
  • block calls based on any of the above
  • define a default carrier for calls not matching any origination criteria
  • create and name complex routing segments (which we refer to as “Trees”) with any of the above, and then attach them to the branches of other Trees to create the final complex routing