8MS Cloud: Simplifies and automates your complex routing and LCR

Complex routing and LCR

Complex routing diagram

As a RespOrg, you are permitted to create complex multi-carrier routings based on cost and other important criteria. Our add-on routing services, 8MS Cloud CPRGen, and 8MS Cloud LCRGen, help simplify and automate this process so you can achieve your carrier diversity, disaster recovery, and cost-saving objectives.

To leverage multi-carrier toll-free service relationships, you must first generate Call Processing Records (CPRs) for your company's toll-free numbers that use a particular set of carriers based on geographical call originations and other criteria.

One of the unique features of 8MS Cloud is the ability to easily and cost-effectively create, understand, and update these complex routing plans to meet your company’s toll-free business objectives.

  • 8MS Cloud CPRGen is an add-on service of the 8MS Cloud platform that automates the generation, management, and optimization of complex geographic toll-free routing
  • 8MS Cloud LCRGen is an add-on service that creates least cost routing (LCR) by minimizing external carrier costs and generating optimized toll-free routing

"Using 8MS Cloud LCRGen we have been able to reduce our carrier costs, making our toll-free offering less costly and more profitable."

Thomas Stupeck
PGi, Vice President – Global Telecom