Billing Analysis: Never Leave Money on the Table Again

8MS Billing Analysis

Manually reviewing every single carrier bill can cost your team valuable time and money while running the risk of errors. Leveraging the technology of automation is essential in today’s fast paced world of business, which is why we created our standalone Billing Analysis tool.

CSF’s 8MS® Billing Analysis engine takes your submitted carrier invoice and performs in-depth evaluations to ensure there are no discrepancies such as potential over-charges, accuracy concerns, or errors that otherwise could have been missed during a manual evaluation.

The program interrogates each Call Detail Record and uses Local Number Portability data and your Carrier Rate Decks to help evaluate the accuracy of your toll-free traffic monthly invoices. An intelligent bill analysis report is created providing a summary of any invoice anomalies and insights into your larger traffic patterns, helping you understand your data better and ultimately improving your bottom line.

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Key Features

US Domestic Telecom Carrier Vendors:

  • Detailed CDR and MOU analysis
  • Rating reviews by ANI and LRN
  • Detailed analysis of jurisdictional pricing
  • Summary and detailed report for billing disputes
  • Options for CDR by CDR mapping review