8MS® Cloud: Toll-free made easy

8MS Cloud

Our SaaS platform integrates with the national toll-free number registry, SMS/800, to enable toll-free number reservations and updates in bulk, helping our customers perform other administrative tasks necessary for managing their toll-free numbers.

Users of 8MS Cloud gain valuable insights into their toll-free number records, including routing and historical information, so they can more effectively manage their toll-free numbers, implement complex routing and least-cost routing (LCR) to save money and re-route quickly and efficiently during an emergency.

8MS Cloud add-on services automate the creation of complex and least-cost routing across major carrier networks. Users can activate these services directly to their networks.  Additionally, 8MS Cloud offers a turnkey solution for adding text messaging to toll-free numbers.

All 8MS Cloud service functions are available through the 8MS Web-based GUI.  Alternatively, toll-free carrier and RespOrg customers have the option of integrating their commercial websites and in-house provisioning systems through the 8MS Cloud API.

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8MS Cloud overview diagram

Key advantages of 8MS Cloud

  • Reduces provisioning costs by more than 20 percent
  • Increases toll-free revenues by 10 percent
  • Decreases external carrier costs by more than 20 percent
  • Improves customer satisfaction and increases revenue through toll-free texting

8MS Cloud Platform Services