8MS Cloud Carrier Express

Provisioning of toll-free numbers requires updating the Somos SMS/800 registry with routing information, and activating a valid customer account with the carrier. 8MS Cloud Carrier Express automates this critical second step in the activation and provisioning process. Carrier Express is fully integrated with 8MS Cloud for easy and rapid flow-through provisioning.

Without Carrier Express, this second step must be performed manually via fax, email, or a separate online portal. This manual two-step process is time-consuming, complex, and susceptible to errors.

First, RespOrg users have to reserve and activate their toll-free numbers in the Somos SMS/800 registry. Next, they have to work with their carrier or carriers to get those numbers correctly routed and terminated in the network.

Carrier Express, as a standalone add-on cloud service, automates the network provisioning process across multiple major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Level 3, Global Crossing, and Impact Telecom.  When used in conjunction with 8MS Cloud Core, it also automates toll-free number provisioning in the Somos SMS/800 registry in the same process.

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