Over 100 carrier and independent RespOrg customers are using 8MS Cloud today!

Our customers

Our 8MS Cloud customers are RespOrgs, which are certified toll-free provider organizations that manage the registration of individual toll-free numbers (TFNs) in the Somos SMS/800 registry. Non-certified businesses can also use certain 8MS Cloud services, including 8MS Cloud TeXT and Carrier Express.

All toll-free numbers have an associated RespOrg, which can either be the end user of the toll-free number themselves, their telecommunications carrier, or a third party RespOrg that manages toll-free numbers for the end user organization.

A RespOrg can acquire, route, and port toll-free numbers. They can obtain numbers directly from the SMS/800 spare pool; control the security and preservation of their numbers; more quickly activate toll-free services, and select long distance carrier routing for cost optimization and disaster recovery.

Being a RespOrg is important for toll-free carriers, aggregators, call centers, or other companies that consider the security, cost, and rapid activation of their toll-free numbers a strategic priority.

Our customers – more than 100 leading independent and carrier RespOrgs today – rely on our 8MS Cloud platform to make the provisioning and complex routing of toll-free numbers faster, easier, and more cost-efficient.

These organizations choose our platform to either manage large numbers of TFNs, require least-cost routing (LCR) capabilities to lower their carrier costs, or both.

Representative customers

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    “Text enabling our existing toll-free numbers using 8MS Cloud TeXT is easy, and has allowed us to add this new capability to our portfolio in record time!”

    Bob Blumberg, UniTel Voice

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    “Searching for and reserving a great vanity number was straight forward with www.800ForAll.com.”

    Nancy Schweitzer, Vanity Director, 800Telecom

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    “8MS Cloud allows us to provision faster and with confidence. Before using it, we had to dedicate additional team members to toll-free provisioning.”

    Mandy Cerise-Richards Manager – Toll Free Provisioning, Onvoy

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    “Our customers love to search for and select new toll-free numbers, and to quickly and easily transfer existing toll-free numbers to our service. The 8MS Cloud APIs help us to automate our toll-free provisioning and keep our customers happy.”

    Michael Crown, President, FracTEL

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    “Activating our toll-free numbers at the carrier level with Carrier Express has shortened and simplified our new customer turn-up process.”

    Kerrie A. Miller, Provisioning Specialist II, Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.