Over 100 carrier and independent RespOrg customers are using 8MS Cloud today!

Our customers

Our 8MS Cloud customers are RespOrgs, which are certified toll-free provider organizations that manage the registration of individual toll-free numbers (TFNs) in the Somos SMS/800 registry. Non-certified businesses can also use certain 8MS Cloud services, including 8MS Cloud TeXT and Carrier Express.

All toll-free numbers have an associated RespOrg, which can either be the end user of the toll-free number themselves, their telecommunications carrier, or a third party RespOrg that manages toll-free numbers for the end user organization.

A RespOrg can acquire, route, and port toll-free numbers. They can obtain numbers directly from the SMS/800 spare pool; control the security and preservation of their numbers; more quickly activate toll-free services, and select long distance carrier routing for cost optimization and disaster recovery.

Being a RespOrg is important for toll-free carriers, aggregators, call centers, or other companies that consider the security, cost, and rapid activation of their toll-free numbers a strategic priority.

Our customers – more than 100 leading independent and carrier RespOrgs today – rely on our 8MS Cloud platform to make the provisioning and complex routing of toll-free numbers faster, easier, and more cost-efficient.

These organizations choose our platform to either manage large numbers of TFNs, require least-cost routing (LCR) capabilities to lower their carrier costs, or both.

Representative customers

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    “Activating our toll-free numbers at the carrier level with Carrier Express has shortened and simplified our new customer turn-up process.”

    Kerrie A. Miller, Provisioning Specialist II, Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.

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    “Service means being a trusted partner and not just another vendor. It is reflected in the questions we ask and our willingness to explore options that are different from 'how it's always been done'. It's reflected in our transparency and honesty in working through issues... as that's how I would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot.”

    Lauren King, EVP of Sales and Business Development

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    “Working here has provided me with the chance to improve and make mistakes not only as an employee, but also as a person. The opportunities I have received here are invaluable, and I look forward to utilizing these learning experiences in my day-to-day.”

    David Awad, Software Engineer

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    “I am impressed with how knowledgeable and enthusiastic the people here are. We are always thinking about how we can enhance our software and improve services to better serve our partners. As the new Quality Assurance Lead of the company, my goal is to ensure that we can continue to provide these high-quality software and services.”

    Donald Hsu, Quality Assurance Lead

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    “I’m a software developer; I work on the system architecture, design the API and screens, write the user documentation and provide customer support. But that’s not my job, that’s the steps in my job. Slick user interfaces with flashy and cool features aren't my goal; my goal is to build the features you need and to help you use them as easily, efficiently and quickly as possible. My job? It’s to help you succeed!”

    Gerry Finkel, Senior Software Developer

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    “The atmosphere here is positive and friendly where not only professional but personal growth is also encouraged. My goal is to be creative and continuously provide valuable suggestions to make the product better. As a part of the IT team, product stability and flexibility are my primary focus. Delivering key projects in a timely manner with thorough knowledge, and focusing towards customer satisfaction is our highest priority. ”

    Ramya Natarajan, Senior Engineer

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    “Here, we have embraced our north star: 'Expect Excellence'. My focus is to assist our client partners and help them succeed at every turn; I thrive on finding solutions to every problem. My goal each day is to exceed expectations by proactively serving my partners and being truly invested in their success.”

    Matt Noreen, Senior Account Director

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    “With 40 years of telecom experience behind me, I draw on a myriad of customer interactions to use the correct approach for each customer engagement. A key to great service is understanding your limitations and knowing when it's time to get the next team involved. Using this approach, I have been able to build strong bonds with many partners whom I can now reference as friends.”

    Mike Gilbert, Senior Account Director

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    “Text enabling our existing toll-free numbers using 8MS Cloud TeXT is easy, and has allowed us to add this new capability to our portfolio in record time!”

    Bob Blumberg, UniTel Voice

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    “Our customers love to search for and select new toll-free numbers, and to quickly and easily transfer existing toll-free numbers to our service. The 8MS Cloud APIs help us to automate our toll-free provisioning and keep our customers happy.”

    Michael Crown, President, FracTEL

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    “8MS Cloud allows us to provision faster and with confidence. Before using it, we had to dedicate additional team members to toll-free provisioning.”

    Mandy Cerise-Richards Manager – Toll Free Provisioning, Onvoy

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    “Searching for and reserving a great vanity number was straight forward with www.800ForAll.com.”

    Nancy Schweitzer, Vanity Director, 800Telecom