Conversations Updates You Need to Hear About!

The holiday season is right around the corner, and over at Aerialink, we have been working hard to give you the gift of new product updates! Read on to learn about the exciting new features and updates that will help boost your productivity.

Better Insights Into Data Through Downloads

Aerialink Conversations now allows company admins to access a CSV download of data directly from the platform, providing you with a more convenient way to gain a comprehensive understanding of your information. We’ve also added a new Groups page, where company admins can get instant visibility into the list of Agents that are members of each Group. You can expand and collapse the view as needed.

The insights these features provide are extremely useful to our users who previously had to spend time sorting through information within the platform. Whether or not you are looking for better insights into the data on your agents, business numbers, or message counts, these reports make it all possible!

Improved Error Messages

A new error message is received by Agent (via text to their mobile) when replying to a TXT Relay message that either is too long, or the reply does not contain the conversation ID. This new message has been refined to better relay to your agents what the issue may be, making it easier for you to solve problems! In most cases, TXT Relay replies from Agent mobile are limited to 140 characters (depending on the character encoding used by carrier and device), so make sure to keep it short and sweet!

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