What Service Means To Us

Expect Excellence

It's more than just a job. Enabling communications is what we do - Serving partners & building relationships is what we love.

Lauren King, EVP of Sales and Business Development

"Service means getting alongside our partners and understanding their business and their vision well enough to anticipate and meet their needs. It means being a trusted partner and not just another vendor. It means answering the questions they’ve asked and the ones they didn’t ask but should have - especially if it will have a material impact on their business. It means resolving things as quickly as possible and setting clear expectations with our customers so they know what to expect.

Service is reflected in the questions we ask and our willingness to explore options that are different from ‘how it’s always been done’. It’s reflected in our transparency and honesty in working through issues…as that’s how I would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot."

Mike Gilbert, Senior Account Director

"With 40 years of telecom experience behind me, I draw on a myriad of customer interactions to use the correct approach for each customer engagement. For the extremely bright and inquisitive, I expound on the whys and wherefores of the industry. For the individuals simply trying to get from point A to B, I help them complete the straight line. The one path I never cross is giving answers in areas I don’t fully understand. A key to great service is understanding your limitations and knowing when it’s time to get the next team involved. Using these approaches, I have been able to build strong bonds with many partners whom I can now reference as friends."

Matt Noreen, Senior Account Director

"We have embraced our north star: 'Expect Excellence'. My focus is to assist our client partners and help them succeed at every turn; I thrive on finding solutions to every problem. I’m not a fan of hyperbole, my hallmarks are:

  • Excruciating attention to detail/photographic memory - we helped our first 800ForAll customer get a toll-free number on 8/1/2008. I helped her port her number on 8/6/2008, at 1:42 PM.  It was a $9.95 purchase back then.
  • Pride in esoteric knowledge that can help customers - earlier this year, a customer tried to change some toll-free routing on 8MS, and they got an error that the numbers were in a “Hold” Status at the national registry. I knew exactly how to get them out of that status and allow the update. I checked our records - we have had four such tickets in my 13 years at CSF.
  • Attention to craft - From OTC-0110 toll-free routing updates, to RAC and RDC screens at the national registry, or 10-DLC updates.

Providing expert support and consultation on toll free provisioning and messaging is something I am passionate about. My goal each day is to exceed expectations by proactively serving my partners and being truly invested in their success."

Gerry Finkel, Senior Software Developer

"I’m a software developer at CSF. I analyze features, work on the system architecture, design the API and screens, write the user documentation and provide customer support. But that’s not my job, that’s the steps in my job.

In my early years as a software developer working for a large telecom company, I designed and built user interfaces. By far, the most exciting project I worked on was writing a graphical user interface for the company’s provisioning centers. The users of this system provisioned advanced feature toll-free routing 5 days a week, for 8 hours a day. I was convinced that the users would flip over what we had done. It was cool! It was slick! It was new and exciting! When the software entered the beta phase, I was assigned as the technical support for a week of training for the users. Near the end of the week, as one woman left the room, I overheard a conversion between her and another provisioner. Curious about the new system, the other user said, “I heard you’re learning the new system. What do you think of it?” After a brief pause, the first user responded, “Eh. It’s another system.”

Slick user interfaces with flashy and cool features aren't my goal; my goal is to build the features you need and to help you use them as easily, efficiently and quickly as possible. My job? It’s to help you succeed!"

Donald Hsu, Quality Assurance Lead

"I am so impressed with how knowledgeable and enthusiastic the people here are. We are always thinking about how we can enhance our software and improve services to better serve our partners. As the new Quality Assurance Lead of the company, my goal is to ensure that we can continue to provide these high-quality software and services."

Ramya Natarajan, Senior Engineer

"Delivering key projects in a timely manner with thorough knowledge, focusing towards customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We have outstanding products that are customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. The atmosphere here is positive and friendly where not only professional but personal growth is also encouraged. My goal is to be creative and continuously provide valuable suggestions to make the product better. As a part of the IT team, product stability and flexibility are my primary focus."

David Awad, Software Engineer

"Working at here has provided me with the chance to improve and make mistakes not only as an employee, but also as a person. The opportunities I have received here are invaluable, and I look forward to utilizing these learning experiences in my day-to-day."