Leader in toll-free number provisioning
and least-cost routing (LCR)

Toll-free made easy explained

Who we are

We are the known leader in toll-free number provisioning and least-cost routing (LCR) with more than 100 carrier and RespOrg customers today. Our 8MS Cloud platform integrates with the Somos National Toll-Free Number database, SMS/800, as well as carrier and text aggregator systems, to simplify and automate toll-free provisioning and complex routing.

CSF began in 1988, co-founded by Clem Hergenhan and Steven Levinn, two accomplished engineers from AT&T Bell Labs. They established CSF as a custom software development firm and began the work of developing a client interface to SMS/800.

They later transitioned the business into a software company to evolve this client interface into a premier toll-free number provisioning system. Now, 8MS is deployed throughout the industry.

CSF Corporation is profitable, stable, and growing. Customer loyalty is a hallmark of our business. In partnership with Somos and other industry leaders, we are committed to delivering the best toll-free number management and enabling capabilities to our joint carrier and RespOrg customers.

With our recent acquisition of Aerialink, a leading SaaS provider of mobile messaging and location services, CSF is further expanding its business by offering enhanced and new texting solutions for RespOrg and enterprise customers.