8MS 16.1 has arrived!

We’ve been busy here at CSF working to bring you these new updates to our platform.  New ROC features, EditPlan updates, and text management improvements are just some of what you can expect to see from the new and improved 8MS 16.1.

First, our ROC management screen has been modified to allow more visibility into your requests. 8MS 16.1 adds a check-out/check-in feature to the ROC management tab, where before it was difficult for users to know who was working on any particular request at any one moment in time. The search portion of this screen allows you to ask for only requests that are not checked out, or that any one user has checked out. This is an essential tool for those users looking to coordinate requests between multiple users and monitor what requests have been processed.

Another improvement we’ve been working on are the final updates to EditPlan; we’ve added all the remaining features needed to allow users full control in their editing. Cut/Copy/Paste/Paste Labels – an essential feature of any editor – have been added, giving you the ability to conveniently save a portion of the plan in a buffer and then paste it elsewhere. EditPlan also adds a new feature that did not exist in the Java-based version where you can now view the current buffer, save the buffer as a local plan, and open a plan and import it into the buffer. A new edit tool — Splice Node — has also been added. Splicing a node means the node is deleted but its “children” are not. Instead, the spliced node’s parent “adopts” that node’s children. Other useful features, such as Autobuild, view copy buffer, and find and set all have also been added, allowing users to now have complete access to all EditPlan functionalities.

More noteworthy updates include:

Record Management: 8MS TeXT

Prior to this release, MMS was only available for Conversations. It is now available for all Delivery Types.

Search Local TeXT

A Ported status has been added, allowing users to know when a number has actually been ported. This feature is helpful for users who want to see updates on their number status.

Order Long Codes

Users will now be able to search for available Long Codes, create a Number List of desired Long Codes, and then activate those Long Codes for texting via the Record Management: 8MS TeXT screen.

Text Management

The process of configuring numbers for texting has been streamlined. Rather than provisioning data in three separate screens: Text API, Text Firewall and Text Endpoint, users will now access a single screen to provision this data. For those users who prefer to still use the original method of three screens, we’ve kept them in the system for your convenience. Text message status updates have also been added, allowing users to view the status of text messages sent: date/time created, date/time processed, delivery status and other similar data

API Changes

For interacting with Aerialink for Texting services, three API calls have been added.

  • TextLongCodeQuery provides the ability to search for available Long Codes.
  • TextMessagesQuery provides the ability to query high-level data on text messages.
  • TextTransactionQuery provides the ability to query transaction detail data on text messages.

Have questions or interested in learning more? Feel free to send us a message at: info@csfcorp.com