August 09, 2018

The Three Advantages of Using Carrier Express you Can’t Ignore


There’s a certain dread for toll-free provisioning managers when a large batch of toll-free numbers needs to be provisioned and activated with Toll Free carriers. There are several manual steps, as well as up to 2 weeks of waiting for the numbers to go through. On top of that, a response as to which numbers failed to go through doesn’t get seen until the end of the process, thus making it all more infuriating for the user. Here, we’ll discuss how our 8MS Carrier Express product takes a time consuming project and whittles it down into minutes.


Carrier Express is CSF Corporation’s application that allows users to provision their toll-free numbers at multiple carriers. In the sea of cloud communications software, it can become difficult to decipher which software is the best for your business. At CSF, transparency is a top priority, so we listed the three advantages to using Carrier Express. Keep on reading to see what they are.


Manage your toll-free numbers from multiple carriers through one interface


Without the correct software, managing toll-free numbers across carriers can be a nightmare. Carrier express allows users to add, change, and delete toll-free numbers with multiple carriers. This allows for easy use and organization that will save you time, money and the stress of provisioning your numbers. Recently, we added Level 3 offerings, as well existing interfaces to: AT&T, Verizon, Global Crossing and Impact Telecom. Our extensive offering of carrier partnerships on Carrier Express allows for more access in a single platform.


Increase Speed of the Batch Number Approval Process


What can take up to two weeks for many, Carrier Express does in minutes. Many toll-free provisioning managers have to upload numbers one by one to carriers which can be extremely time consuming. Additionally, even in scenarios where carriers offer batch uploads, the approval process for these numbers can still take more than 7 days. Carrier Express allows for batch uploads with certain carries of up 100K many numbers per day, and can take mere minutes to load and approve.


Get Notified Now: Don’t Wait for Pre-Error Corrections or Mismatches


Toll-Free Provisioning Managers do not get notified of any rejected numbers until the approval process has finalized, both adding anxiety while waiting for feed and adding more time and steps to the process. Carrier Express notifies users right away of any potential rejections or mismatches. This allows for users to make updates to their number list right away so they don’t have to start the process over again when they’re notified two weeks down the line. This is a major relief for toll-free provisioning managers.


Takeaway: Make your toll-free services faster and more efficient


Provisioning toll-free numbers is often a time-consuming, multistep process. Carrier Express automates part of the job that many companies have to designate personnel to handle. This promotes efficiency by allowing staff to spend their time managing other projects. It also allows for fast toll-free services, fewer errors, and better routing. By using our software, you eliminate the lag caused by human error and allow for the reallocation of resources, taking a great leap in technological innovations.

Consider using Carrier Express to increase the efficiency of managing your toll-free numbers.

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