August 09, 2018

Is it Time You Take Control Over Your Business’ Toll-Free Numbers?


CSF offers Third Party RespOrg services to help businesses take control of their numbers, allowing them the ability to negotiate rates and choose their carrier. Our Sales Director, Victor Delaglio, offers some insight to businesses with a lot of toll-free traffic, and highlights how they can make the most out of their numbers.  

Toll Free Numbers might be old, but they are not old fashioned. Everyone has called a toll-free number at one point; whether it be to communicate with customer service or to schedule an appointment, toll-free numbers have many practical uses. Their popularity has remained constant since their advent over fifty years ago when they were first introduced by the Bell System.

At CSF, we have been supporting the toll-free industry for over 30 years and understand the process better than anyone. Our 8MS Cloud manages over 50 percent of the toll-free numbers in the industry and makes over 70 percent of the changes in the FCC Registry SMS/800 database.

Our customers consist of RespOrgs and non-RespOrgs. A RespOrg, short for Responsible Organization, is a company that has the ability to maintain the registration for, or “own” a toll-free number. Non- Telecom Companies like Charles Schwab, for instance, are RespOrgs.

RespOrgs can also be categorized as carriers or enterprise organizations. Carriers are larger providers who manage and supply services for toll-free numbers, and enterprise orgs are non-telecom based businesses that use toll-free numbers as a supplement to their business. Becoming a RespOrg is useful because it provides these enterprise organizations direct access to the FCC Registry SMS/800 database, thus allowing them full control and access to their toll-free numbers, as well as gain access to analytics for their numbers without having to go through their carrier.

If you are not a RespOrg, this information is normally provided by your carrier in the background. By choosing not to become a RespOrg, you subsequently give up all control of your numbers to the carrier you route through.  However, carriers certainly serve a great purpose to those not looking to do anything more with their toll-free traffic, other than ensure deliverability and connectivity.

Not all organizations who want the benefits of RespOrg status want the telecom-like responsibilities that come along with it. Charles Schwab for example, has to focus on being a financial services organization and may not want to direct a lot of resources into running their toll-free provisioning department.

Enter Third Party Resporg offerings from CSF. By using CSF’s 8MS Cloud services as a third party RespOrg, we provide you with the RespOrg code free of risk and hassle, and since CSF is not a carrier, we give you the control to pick and choose your carrier options. This provides businesses with the same benefits of becoming a RespOrg, but removes some of the responsibilities for a business not looking to spend their resources on a telecom division.

Recently, CSF received a call from a customer asking for help because they experienced a few long outages and had to wait for a single carrier to restore their service. As a third-party RespOrg, CSF was able to create a disaster recovery routing plan utilizing multiple carrier options on our 8MS Cloud for this company.

Another customer came to us seeking lower rates on their toll-free numbers. By having their own RespOrg code, they were able negotiate rates with multiple vendors, setup disaster recovery routes using multiple vendors, search and reserve for their own toll-free and vanity numbers.

8MS Cloud allows customers to control the process by handing them the tools. The service pays for itself almost instantly with large cost reductions and time savings. Our goal is to improve your service for less.

As a bonus, with the same 8MS Cloud you can now text enable your toll-free and business numbers, opening a new channel of communication with your customers.

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