April 25, 2018

Webinar: Utilizing Texting for Higher Ed Institutions


Discover the benefits of texting for Higher Education Institutions! Join our webinar 6/7/18

Young Americans are more likely to text than use any other form of communication. Implementing a text messaging strategy is, therefore, more important than ever for any higher education institution. Enabling students to text directly with administrative and faculty staffs allows them to quickly get answers to their questions and concerns and to stay informed with daily school and campus activities. Text messaging has become a crucial communications channel your staff can use to connect and engage with new students during the prospecting phase and throughout their college years. It also helps them foster lifelong relationships with school alumni.   

But the benefits of text-enabling aren’t limited to just connecting with your students; it’s about students being able to reach you, and empowering faculty, staff, and students to establish two-way texting conversations. The question most higher education institutions ask isn’t “should we support a text messaging (SMS) channel,” it’s “how do we support such a communications channel?” The success of implementing text messaging as a new communications channel depends significantly on your institution’s commitment to it and your overall implementation strategy.   

Enter Aerialink. We are at the forefront of offering a proven SMS messaging platform that supports texting for academic and administrative staff who can ultimately have a transformative effect on a student’s college experience. Aerialink serves over 60 campuses, across 40 metro areas as well as online instruction facilities in higher education.   

We’re offering a free webinar on Thursday, June 7th at 2pm EST for those at higher education institutions looking to improve their communications channel utilizing text messaging (SMS and MMS) for their department.   

To register: Click Here

The webinar will cover:   

  • How administrators can centrally manage texting on a broad scale and implement it cost effectively. Assuring that implementing texting is compliant with privacy and communication regulations as well as carrier best practices
  • How to reach and register more students, improve graduation and course completion rates through reminder messages.
  • How to build student relationships by helping them navigate their college careers,
  • Enrich student experiences and engagement by making it easy for them to get involved and join clubs, activities, and events,
  • And supporting text messaging across multiple campuses and functional areas. Quickly deploying texting to drive results in enrollment, retention and more!


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