March 28, 2018

Webinar Recap: Call Centers looking to get the most out of their Toll-Free Voice Services!


Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar Tuesday, March 27th on How to Add Texting & Get The Most Out Of Your Toll-Free Voice Services. During the presentation we discussed the benefits of using CSF’s SaaS, 8MS Cloud to: cost-effectively add text messaging, effectively manage, port, and route toll-free numbers, as well as adding disaster recovery. By text enabling business numbers, call centers can expand relationships with their customers, improve employee engagement, product & operational processes, and grow their business.

The webinar covered:
• Taking control of your Toll-Free Numbers
• Adding Texting to Toll-Free & Landline Business Numbers
• Easy and cost effective Toll-Free Provisioning Automation, Intelligence, and Disaster Recovery Routing Control with 8MS
• Saving Money Implementing Least Cost Routing (LCR)
• Rapid Toll-Free Number Acquisition and Porting
• And a Demo of our 8MS flagship SaaS, as well as our Conversations text messaging hub

We received some excellent questions during the webinar and appreciate the participation from the group! If you missed the webinar you can still check out the live recording here

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