Webinars | August 28, 2017

8MS ROC Best Practices & Tips


We have been ROC’n this summer in the all new 8MS ROC portal that connects you with the SOMOS ROC without having to leave the comforts of your 8MS screen.

Some of our customers have been asking us what are some of the other benefits of using the ROC on 8MS, so we laid it out for you some tips for using the application.

Furthermore, we will be hosting a short webinar on Thursday, September 21st at 1:30pm EST to dive deeper into all the benefits of the 8MS ROC platform, a quick walk-through on how it works, and more!  To register, click here.

8MS ROC Tips:

  • Use number lists! We’ve done ports of 4,000 numbers with some on one RespOrg and the rest on another. Simply submit the LOA and the ports will be sent correctly to the respective and correct RespOrgs.


  • Watch attachment sizes – total must be under 750k. Preview on the Mac has a way to make PDFs smaller.


  • Skip the Future Request Date when submitting ROC request. Just submit your request 2 days prior to your required date.
    1. For example: Submit a port request on: 08/16/17 12:19P
    2. The Due Date automatically defaults to: 08/18/17 12:19P


  • Remember the difference between ROC Management Outgoing (numbers being ported to your RespOrg!) and Incoming (numbers other RespOrg’s expect you to port to them).


  • Use the ROC Management filters!
    1. For Example – use the Progress to check Open, Closed or All Requests.


  • Remember, you can remove Selected numbers from pending port requests. If you make a mistake, simply go to ROC management, select the bad number, and hit Remove Dialed #s. The good numbers remain in the port request.

Want more? Don’t forget to register for our 8MS ROC Webinar on 9/21/17 at 1:30pm EST!

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