texting | August 21, 2017

“Our customers could benefit from understanding the value of text enabling their numbers”


A common phrase heard among many of our valuable customers as they roll out texting services on toll-free and landline business numbers with their clients.

We’ve heard you, and are here to deliver you some solutions, including customizable collateral for you to give your customers to help stimulate the market for texting.

First, to help you succeed, we’re providing you with a marketing video on the benefits of text-enabling your business numbers that is generic, and can be immediately embedded on your website!

Download the video here, and be be sure to share it with your customers by adding it to your website and social media pages:

For a small fee, CSF can work with you on customizing the video to add your logo and a call to action at the end. For more information, email our Marketing Manager.

Additionally, CSF is happy to provide you with a customizable marketing brochure that you can modify and brand yourself, which you can use on your website and distribute to your loyal customers with your logo and company info on it!

The Why Business Texting brochure is being provided in MS Word format, and is a template that can be edited and customized with your own logo and branding.

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