July 12, 2017

Texting Tips Brought to You by Our College Student Summer Intern


Mobile phones have become very prevalent in today’s society. In fact, CTIA reported that over 6 billion texts are sent every day in the United States alone. The toll-free industry more recently introduced texting so we are going to provide you with some texting tips from our summer intern here at CSF, who happens to be a college student.

  1. Multitasking made easy

Texting is a short message that requires a quick read and response. If someone has a huge workload, they are much more likely to respond to a text message than they are to answer an email or phone call and have a long conversation. Texting also allows you to have multiple conversations going on in parallel. This is an effective way to get multiple things done within a shorter period of time.


  1. Abbreviate

Texting is the fast and easy way to communicate with each other when you don’t want to have an entire conversation over the phone. Because of that, you want to make sure that you keep your message short, sweet, and to the point and try to stay away from sending paragraphs. Abbreviations are one way that you can shorten the message, for example, using IDK for “I don’t know”, or TTYL for “talk to you later”. As long as you are familiar with these abbreviations, it provides a convenient way to get your message across.


  1. Send a smile with your text

Although texting has been around for a quite a while now, emoticons or emojis have become more popular in the recent years. Emojis are small icons that you can put in a text message to replace a word. There are hundreds of emojis from small symbols like a heart or a peace sign, to pictures of food and nature. Along with abbreviations, emojis can help you shorten a text message.


Also, because you can’t see the person you are communicating with face-to-face or hear the tone of their voice over the phone, emojis can help convey emotions over text. There are a wide range of emojis conveying different emotions like smiling, feeling sick, and even laughing so hard that you are crying.


  1. After hours’ texts are okay!

Many businesses are not operated 24/7, therefore, texting is a way you can still communicate with a business after hours. People may only answer their business phone lines from 9 to 5, but if you send them a text with a quick question, they can see it and be prepared to call or text you back the next day.


  1. Read receipts

On mobile phones, you can enable read receipts. This means that when the person you send a text to opens the message you sent them, you can see if and what time they read it. You can also see if your text message was delivered to the person you texted as well.


CSF Corporation’s SaaS offering, 8MS Cloud TeXT, allows you to text-enable and deliver texting on toll-free numbers for your customers, which can be a great resource for quick interaction. Try reaching us via SMS by texting to 1-855-CALL-CSF, or call us at the same number. We’d love to hear from you!

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