Webinars | May 05, 2017

8MS Cloud Webinar Series: ROC Enablement – Part I – Configuration


CSF recently held a live webinar for our customers to learn how to set up the mandated ROC functionality in 8MS Cloud.

Somos, Inc. will soon require that all Responsible Organizations (RespOrgs) utilize the Centralized RespOrg Change Management System (ROC), a new feature that allows RespOrgs to port existing toll-free numbers to different service providers while retaining the same number for incoming calls.

To meet the June 2017 mandated ROC requirement, CSF has integrated its 8MS Cloud platform with the Somos ROC and extended its Web-based user interface to enable users to seamlessly perform ROC functions in a fast and efficient manner from within the 8MS GUI environment.

During the webinar, our expert presenter, Mike Gilbert, gave an overview of Somos ROC, discussed our implementation, and highlighted the features and advantages 8MS Cloud provides for reviewing, approving, and modifying outgoing ROC requests.  Mike also answered participant questions regarding 8MS Cloud ROC capabilities and support.

If you missed the webinar, you may view it here!

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