Toll-free data | January 23, 2017

Moving from toll-free to data-free


Businesses everywhere are using toll-free numbers to improve customer experience. Their customers make support calls or place purchases using toll-free numbers without paying a penny for connecting to them.

Many customers these days also connect to a business via the Internet from their mobile smartphones and tablets. So, it would seem that the same courtesy of toll-free connection to the company’s website on a mobile device should be extended to toll-free data access.

As Internet traffic diversifies to mobile websites and apps on 4G/LTE networks, it is fitting that business models and services evolve as well. Programs such as AT&T’s Sponsored Data, T-Mobile’s Binge On, and Verizon’s new FreeBee Data 360 do exactly that. They promise to bring the 1-800 toll-free concept to the Internet.

More and more businesses are exploring the possibility of taking on the communications costs for visits to their websites and apps on mobile devices. This would clearly benefit their consumers by helping them reduce personal data usage while allowing them to spend more time on a business’ website or app.

This is clearly a revolutionary step forward in the customer experience model. A recent Forbes article entitled “The New 1-800 Wave: Moving From Toll-Free To Data-Free” describes this new and exciting trend in the toll-free industry. You can read the full Forbes article here.

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