Our customers

Our 8MS Cloud customers are RespOrgs, which are certified toll-free provider organizations that manage the registration of individual toll-free numbers (TFNs) in the Somos SMS/800 registry. Non-certified businesses can also use certain 8MS Cloud services, including 8MS Cloud TeXT and Carrier Express.

Today, our RespOrg and carrier customers manage 50 percent of all toll-free numbers in North America and originate 70 percent of the updates to the Somos SMS/800 database through our system


8MS Cloud

8MS Cloud, our software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, simplifies and automates toll-free number provisioning and complex routing through a simple administrative interface.

Use 8MS Cloud to reserve, activate, and port toll-free numbers in bulk in the SMS/800 database and major carrier networks. Easily optimize the routing of toll-free numbers based on geography and least cost, and quickly re-route them during an emergency. Through one intuitive interface, you can text enable toll-free numbers without having to establish separate relationships with texting providers.

Our customers achieve, on average, 20 to 50 percent cost savings using 8MS Cloud for provisioning their toll-free numbers. Those who use our least-cost routing (LCR) cloud capabilities can save more by reducing their monthly carrier costs by at least 20 percent.

With our toll-free texting capabilities, we enable our customers to provide texting to their enterprise customers, improving customer service and support while increasing toll-free revenues.


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Toll-free provisioning

8MS Cloud reduces data entry and administrative errors by allowing RespOrg and carrier users to reserve, activate, or re-route thousands of toll-free numbers in a single action.


complex routing

Complex routing and LCR

8MS Cloud's powerful least-cost routing (LCR) capabilities minimize your toll-free calling costs by optimizing routing based on carrier rates and traffic data.


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Toll-free texting

Text-enable your customers’ toll-free numbers to improve customer service and support, and increase revenues through ads and promotions.


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Vanity number search and reserve

Our standalone 8MS Cloud service, 800ForAll.com, allows you to search, reserve, and port one or more toll-free numbers to the carrier of your choice for a flat processing fee.


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    “8MS Cloud allows us to provision faster and with confidence. Before using it, we had to dedicate additional team members to toll-free provisioning.”

    Mandy Cerise-Richards Manager – Toll Free Provisioning, Onvoy

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    “Our customers love to search for and select new toll-free numbers, and to quickly and easily transfer existing toll-free numbers to our service. The 8MS Cloud APIs help us to automate our toll-free provisioning and keep our customers happy.”

    Michael Crown, President, FracTEL

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    “Activating our toll-free numbers at the carrier level with Carrier Express has shortened and simplified our new customer turn-up process.”

    Kerrie A. Miller, Provisioning Specialist II, Wholesale Carrier Services, Inc.

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    “Searching for and reserving a great vanity number was straight forward with www.800ForAll.com.”

    Nancy Schweitzer, Vanity Director, 800Telecom

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    “Text enabling our existing toll-free numbers using 8MS Cloud TeXT is easy, and has allowed us to add this new capability to our portfolio in record time!”

    Bob Blumberg, UniTel Voice

“CSF and Aerialink are building on the enduring trust in Toll-Free Numbers and expanding the market into promising growth areas.”

Gina Perini
President & CEO

Somos, Inc.